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Contentys MarketPlace e-commerce smartphone app is unique
There are probably more than 30 decent e-commerce solutions out there is the Marketplace but none as flexible as Contentys Marketplace. In our blogs we hope to highlight some of the features that make us unique and the work that has gone in behind the scenes to make our service great.
One of the unique features of Contentys Marketplace e-commerce is that you can add a product to your account from our very clever smartphone app. Now I hear you cry foul as other services have smartphones apps don’t they? Well yes they do but not like ours.
One of the biggest things that differentiates a top selling e-commerce solution to a poor performing one is the quality of the images on the site and how they have been cropped and enhanced. Contentys Marketplace has a simple feature that allows you to take a picture on a contrasting colour background like green screens in the movies and in seconds our smartphone app will remove the background and save your image as a transparent PNG file. Now for those of you who have tried to do this using expensive tools like Photoshop it takes some considerable skill and time to perform editing such as this.
Contentys Marketplace is all about making e-commerce easy for the shop owner so we have engineered our app to do this when no other system does. It is one simple reason why you should put your faith in our solution not one of the other ones out there.


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