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E-Commerce zoom feature
A new feature in the e-commerce section of Contentys Marketplace is the option (you can turn it on or off) to let your customers view and zoom in on your product images.

You can also set the product image panel to any size, large or small to display the zoomed portion of the image. In addition you can style the zoom panel as desired.

As with all thing in Contentys Marketplace there is a high degree of automation. When you upload your original images we create smaller version for the main galleries etc and when someone zooms Contentys Marketplace loads the original master image and does a quick calculation as to the levels of zoom available so you don't have to set these manually.

Just turn the option on in settings and then go to the zoom feature in your shop setup page and configure the zoom panel and that's it.

Contentys Marketplace is both the most sophisticated and easiest to use e-commerce package in the market today.


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