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SiteBuilder Features and Fixes release

New or Updated Features

  1. Reload Item Page Option on e-commerce product switch (Ecommerce)

    There is now an option in the shop settings to tell the system that if the primary drop down (the first drop down on a product page) is changed then the page will reload instead of updating internally. Product drop down priority can be changed in the products options settings.

    By reloading the page Google Analytics results will be more accurately recorded.

  2. New theme for Slideshows

    Added a new theme for Slideshows called Contrast

  3. Advanced Navigation (Ecommerce)

    When styling the Advanced Navigation widget there is now the option to set a fixed width for the sub levels as well as the main level

Bug Fixes

  1. Item Drop Down bug (Ecommerce)

    Fixed a bug where on first load the primary (first from top) drop down didn't reflect the actual options selected


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