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SiteBuilder Features and Fixes release

New or Updated Features

  1. Product Options Update to allow more flexibility on filters (Ecommerce)

    We have changed ecommerce options so there are now three name values for a Product Option.

    The first is simply a way for you to identify the option and is not used anywhere else in the system.

    The second is an Ebay name value for use when listing on Ebay or Amazon

    The third is a WebShop value that is displayed throughout your main web shop site.

    The main reason for this change is that some options need to be named differently when listing on Ebay or Amazon if you use this option.  Please speak to our support team if you have any questions over this feature chabge.

  2. Loading popup panel

    The text on the loading panel can now be removed to allow for just a spinner.

Bug Fixes

  1. Slideshows on touch screen devices improved

    Sometimes you couldn't scroll the page after touching a slide show on certain devices. This is now fixed

  2. Drop down values out of order (Ecommerce)

    On the item page, when a value is preselected in a drop down, it appeared at the top of the list and so it was out of sequence in some cases. This is now fixed.

  3. Slideshow Hyperlink removal

    After adding a url link to a slideshow image there was no way to remove it if you chose to. This is fixed.


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