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SiteBuilder Features and Fixes release

New or Updated Features

  1. Colour Swatches (Ecommerce)

    Colour Swatches can now be added to product listings in the main product results page.  When a customer rolls over the colour swatch the corresponding product image will be loaded.

    This is an advanced e-commerce feature that should be enabled by your designer

  2. Internet Explorer Support

    As IE7, IE8 and IE9 are no longer supported by most major online companies, we are no longer supporting them either.
    This is only when editing your site.

    If you wish to use Internet Explorer, we strongly recommend IE10 or above (IE9 is an interim version where Microsoft were migrating to the standardised html document object model and only did half the job)

    If you are not in a position to use Internet Explorer 10 or above then we recommend Google Chrome. if you try to edit your site with IE9 or less you will see a popup page with links for downloading other browsers.

Bug Fixes


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