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SiteBuilder Features and Fixes release

New or Updated Features

  1. Ecommerce tabbed Panel (Ecommerce)

    You can now create Tab Panels to be used in conjunction with the Tabs Widget for the Shop Item Pages.

    Tab panels are primarily a space saver but are used on may large ecommerce sites like Amazon and Ebay.

    By default there are always 2 existing panels which cannot be removed. Those are linked to the Description and the Extra Information sections on this page.

    Tab Panels need to be linked to your Product Items. Ticking a check box next to a tab panel will turn it on for the Item you are viewing but you will also be prompted to link it to other Items within the current product to save you having to add the tab to each item in turn

    If you don't wish a tab panel to show for a particular Product Item, then simply leave the field associated with the Tab empty.

Bug Fixes


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