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SiteBuilder Features and Fixes release

New or Updated Features

  1. Advanced Navigation Clickable States (Ecommerce)

    In the Advanced Navigation editor you can now turn off the clickable state of individual levels. To achieve this we have added an option in the advanced navigation menu editor which disables the clickable state.  All sub pages to that level remain clickable unless you disable those also. 

    We have also added a drop down page selector that will list all your custom shop landing pages and allow you to link specific pages to specific levels of the navigation. The default products page will be used if nothing else is selected.

    These are advanced features.  For advice on their use please call support.

  2. Main Site Menu Clickable States

    You can now exclude a page from being clickable at any level in the menus.  This means you can have a top level page that is not clickable but all sub pages are. 
    To enable this feature please go to the page editor popup in the pages manager, you will see a new tick box option for doing this.

Bug Fixes


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