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SiteBuilder Features and Fixes release

New or Updated Features

  1. Significant SEO Changes for e-commerce (Ecommerce)

    We have changed the sitemaps so google can index more easily any pages where you have multiple pages of products in a category. Now the sitemap will feature not just the first page but all subsequent pages.

    You can now set and control a number of new elements that are displayed on the page or in the code behind for products and you can override the standard rules on a product by product basis if you desire:

    We have now supplied a new title editor. Using this new tool will allow you to prepend some text before a list of product options and append some more text after the product options.

    For example you may wish to append your company name or a brand name to a product listing that doesn't contain it.

    If you sell small red widgets you could select the option [size] [colour] [productname] and then append your company name "by ACME company.  

    You can now set rules for Product Page Titles to construct the titles how you like them. 
    Previously this was a sitewide rule but you can now override this for each product. 
    To set the rules expand your product in the products screen and choose SEO Titles. 
    Select the element you wish to change and then choose if you wish to change it sitewide by selecting the "Set Default rule" option.  If you just wish to change it for that product dont select that option.  Either way you can then tick the selection of options you wish to amend and Prepend or append any text you wish to.  The results will be displayed in the box at the bottom of the screen.  Click save to finish.

    You can set rules for the following items

    Page Titles
    Product Item Name H1 Header tag
    Product Image Alt tags
    Product Image source names

    Please be aware that if you use the "Custom Title" feature that will override the page title option above.  The custom title option allows you to manually specify a page title for google benefit but for most people this will no longer be required because of the new options detailed above.

    We have also added more item prop tags for Google bots to find product information more easily. This is a format google support to help them identify products and better rank them.

    We have also added product images to sitemaps the page sitemaps in a format supported by google so they can better associate images with products.

Bug Fixes


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